Leave A Legacy In Your Will

SOS Children’s Village BC is non-political, non-denominational, and part of one of the world’s largest and most respected charitable organizations dedicated to helping children. Leaving a gift to SOS BC in your estate plan will change the lives of foster children right here in British Columbia for generations to come. It’s one of the most valuable gifts you will ever make.

A planned gift to SOS Children’s Village BC may be ‘outright’, which means for our immediate use, or ‘deferred’, which means it is arrange now for completion at a future time. You can tailor your gift to meet your personal and financial circumstances, while maximizing tax and other financial benefits. Some planned gifts are designed to combine support for SOS BC with life income to the donor. Each type of planned gift offers particular benefits to the donor, and each supports the mission of SOS Children’s Village BC.


Thank you for helping children in care and youth aging out of care. I am delighted that SOS Children’s Village BC is partnered with Will Power, a national movement to educate Canadians on the power they have to make a difference through their Wills.

Wills are more than just a legal document to distribute your personal assets. They are also a powerful tool to make change in the world.

Research shows that only 5 percent of Canadians leave a charitable gift in their Will. The goal of the Will Power campaign is to work closely with Canadian donors to raise that figure to 8.5 per cent by 2030, which could translate into as much as $40 billion to advance the causes Canadians care about. Imagine the difference we could all make!

Can I Really Make a Difference with My Will? Common Myths that Get in the Way of Your Will Power:

In short, yes. By leaving a gift to SOS Children’s Village BC in your Will you can make a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible to children and youth in need.

Many donors believe that they can’t support both their loved ones and their favourite cause with their Will. The truth is, just a small percentage of your estate left to charity can have a big impact, while still leaving the majority for loved ones. Choosing to support your charity can also reduce and, in some cases, even eliminate the taxes to be paid. A win-win!

Some donors think they need to be wealthy to make a gift to charity in their Will. Actually, no matter the size of your estate, you can be a part of this powerful movement for change.

Take a look at the free resources and tools on the Will Power website to learn about the common myths surrounding gifts in Wills, the potential tax benefits, and more.

If you have questions about helping kids in family-based alternative care at SOS Children’s Village BC, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or by calling me on my direct line at (604) 574-2964 ext. 102. I’m here to help.

Wondering how your future gift would be used?




WillPower.ca has simple tools to guide Canadians through the process of leaving a charitable gift in a Will, and to help them better understand the impact they can make. Will Power is a national movement, made up of charities, financial advisors, and legal professionals across the country, working together to show Canadians that they have the power to make a difference through their Will.

For more information, please contact Kistie Singh at (604) 574-2964 ext. 102 or [email protected].

SOS Children’s Village BC encourages you to seek professional legal, estate planning and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.

A simple provision in your will to leave assets to SOS Children’s Village BC. Please ensure to use our full legal name and address. Suggested wording: “I give to SOS Children’s Village British Columbia (Canada) Society, #302 – 14225 57th Avenue, Surrey, BC Canada V3X 0H6, Federal Charitable Business Number 12993-5011-RR0001, $_______” .