Change A Life Every Month

Becoming a Sustaining Guardian of the Village is the most dependable, cost-efficient method of funding. If you’re not already a member we urge you to join with a pre-arranged monthly donation.

Small or large, your donations make a huge difference. A monthly donation allows you to conveniently donate smaller gifts, on a regular basis throughout the year.

A gift of $10 per month is just 33 cents per day, and over the course of a year will provide 12 days of mental wellness program support to a child at the Village.

No forms or cheques to write, you simply have the gift directly charged to your Visa or MasterCard automatically every month. As a result, you never have worry about renewing your membership. You also get to choose what day of the month your gift is charged.

More of your gift goes directly to the children, we save on administration costs, and you receive one simple consolidated tax receipt per year.

Would you consider joining our Village family with a monthly gift of $10 to give love and hope to kids in care and homeless youth?

Here are some reasons why our Sustaining Guardians champion monthly giving:

  1. It’s super convenient, simple, and affordable, and you can change the amount or cancel at any time.
  2. More of your donation goes to our programs and less goes to overhead.
  3. The predictability of monthly giving allows us to plan ahead more effectively with greater results.
  4. A monthly gift accomplishes more to help foster families, kids, and youth who have aged out of care than a single gift.

This is your opportunity to make a significant difference for just pennies a day (only 33 cents to be exact!).

The need for our services is growing and this is one of the best ways you can help. Please hurry and start your monthly gift of $10 today!

YOU CAN SAVE LIVES by becoming a Sustaining Guardian! With only 10% of our funding coming from government, our unique Village and model of care is only possible due to the generosity of caring people like you.

To set up a monthly donation from your bank account rather than credit card, please download and fill out our pre-authorized debit (PAD) form and send the scanned form and a VOID cheque to [email protected], or mail them to us. You can also call (604) 574-2964 and we will be pleased to assist you.



Judy Gibbins’ Great Story On How She Came To Donate

My day had not gone well. I was driving through an intersection when a car suddenly pulled out in front of me and forced me to swerve into the outside lane. It shook me up quite a bit, so I drove into a nearby parking lot to calm down – and scraped the car in the next space.

Well, that didn’t make me feel better! I left the driver a note and after a while I got a phone call. The lady who called was very kind – didn’t ask me to pay for any damage. But said she would be happy if I would make a donation to her favourite charity, which happened to be SOS BC.

So that was how I made my first donation 21 years ago. I would love to know if that lady remembers the incident.

If you are the lady in Judy’s story, please contact us at [email protected]!

Jo Tonita On Why She Gives Monthly To SOS BC

I first discovered information about SOS Children’s Village BC from a leaflet I received in the mail with my Envision Financial bank statement. I was at a point in my life where I was looking to give back to our community.

Rick and I had the wonderful experience of assisting a family having difficulties raising their baby, and onward as she grew into adulthood. We were not foster parents but we opened our home daily, as she grew up, to support and love this great kid. Now as an adult she is a special loving daughter to us. We know from personal experience what support, caring, and providing a loving home can do to bring happiness and trust to a child.

I noted that the bank manager of our local Envision Financial branch was a Board Member with SOS Children’s Village BC, so I asked her about it. She was very wise by inviting me to the Village as I was hooked and wanted to get involved!

At that time, the Village site only had one home, which was later taken down to make room for the five amazing homes they now have. However, even with only one home I saw the important work that was taking place with these children and I offered to become a Board Member. I served in this capacity for many years.

Fast forward to today and I must say, as I recall all that occurred while serving as a Board member, and my continuous support thereafter, the Village model is a miracle of love and caring. I know all that was involved to become what it is today – the trails that were blazed by so many people. There were so many obstacles to overcome. All was closely monitored by our Founding Members Lois and Gilles Bouchard, whom I now honour as lifelong friends. Board President Rene Aulinger: always working full out to support this amazing creation for our kids and always encouraging us as Board Members to keep up with his level of service.

Rick and I support the Village through the Monthly Giving Program. I kindly request all who are reading this to do the same. It takes a community to support the vision and mission of the work this amazing charity does. Every little bit makes a loving home for our Village kids in care.

Klaus Kittel Has Donated For Over Two Decades

Watch an interview with Klaus Kittel about how he came to know SOS BC and why he supports children and youth in alternative care through monthly giving.


When asked why she donates monthly, one of our donors replied: “Becoming a monthly donor with an organization like SOS BC is not entirely altruistic; it lifts my spirits knowing that I am supporting vulnerable children in my community. I know now more than ever that every dollar counts, and I hope others will read this and follow suit.”